Winter Date Night Ideas for Couples

There’s nothing quite like spending time with your loved one. In fact, research from the University of Minnesota found that couples are happier when spending time together, rather than apart. 

The study, which analysed 47,000 couples over a 7 year period, found that being with your partner can not only make you happy, time together is generally less stressful and activities together hold more meaning.

This makes for a perfect excuse to grab your partner this weekend and spend some quality time together.

When you feel like you’ve done it all together, it can become increasingly difficult to think of new and different experiences to share. 

Often all it takes is putting a list together of things you’d like to try, and getting out there and doing them. If you get stuck on ideas, we’ve assembled a go-to list of what other couples enjoy.


Go for a Hike 

An all time favorite winter time activity. There’s nothing quite like getting out in the open air, surrounded by nature and trees. Nature not only makes you happy, it raises your vitamin D levels and improves your general health. 

A study by the University of Chiba, discovered that going for a 40 min walk in a forest lowers the level of the stress hormone Cortisol. It also lowers blood pressure, and improves your cognitive abilities and immune system when compared to a 40 min walk indoors. 

This should be reason enough to get to your local bush or forest for a brisk long walk. The quiet, serene setting will give you that extra bonding time to help you form a closer connection. 

Play Some Indoor Sports Together

Sometimes winter can make playing sports hard and unappealing. This is where Indoor sports are an awesome go-to as they can be played in the comfort of your own home or at an indoor sports centre. 

My suggestion is to winter proof your house with some fun games that can be played between couples. Our personal favorites are a game of table tennis or Foosball

Throw in a bottle of wine or a hot chocolate, and you have yourself a perfect date night. If you really feel like getting out of the house, hit the town for some indoor hockey or soccer with some locals.


Ice Skating

Ever watched I-Tonya? Did you imagine yourself gliding through an ice rink with your partner while passionately staring into each others eyes? *Cringe*

Well that’s unlikely to happen on your first go, but it shouldn’t stop you from taking your partner out to the local ice rink for a romantic skate. 

Lets face it, you might just end up holding on to the rail together trying to stay on your feet, but that’s a good start. What’s important is being playful and doing something exhilarating with your other half.

There is also the added bonus of acting heroic when your partner falls by offering a helping hand. All while trying really hard to hold back your laugh!

Drive In Movie Theatre

What could be better than sitting in a warm car together on a winter’s night, snuggling up with your partner watching a new release film? All without having the distraction of other cinema goers talking (or coughing) around you! 

Drive in theatres are a classic and a go to date night idea for couples looking to do something different, yet still something relaxing. 

The best part is that the entire experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car. Without even having to step out to feel the cold. You may even be able to get away with only paying for the car, rather than for two separate tickets.


Cook Up A Storm

Are you willing to try out your masterchef skills? Whatever your skill level (toasted sandwich vs gourmet chef), you can download a recipe and spend some time in the kitchen putting it all together. 

This would give you the perfect opportunity to experience the entire meal creation process together. It will give you some time to bond or share some fond memories together. The end result is a (hopefully) perfect meal, you can enjoy over a glass of wine. 

A word of warning, things can get heated in the kitchen so it’s probably best not to do this on date number 1!

Winter doesn’t mean that you can go into hibernation! Use this time to add some sustenance and wellness to your relationship.

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