Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50 (Beginners)

Are you getting started in table tennis or looking for an upgrade of an existing cheap paddle?

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We took a wide range of beginner paddles, gave them a test run and came up with a shortlist of the best paddles on the market under $50.

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A summary of our recommended paddles under $50. 

Paddle Speed Spin Control Rating More info
Killerspin JET200
60 70 85 8.0 Check Price
Sportout Sriver-He
90 90 80 7.5 Check Price
Thunderline 6 star
88 90 86 7.5 Check Price
80 77 82 7.0 Check Price
Palio Expert 3
60 90 100 7.0 Check Price

Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners

Our Pick

Killerspin JET200

All Rounder

Our Rating: 8.0

Killerspin JET 200 Ping Pong Paddle

Speed: 60 | Spin: 70 | Control: 85 | Weight: 6.4 oz | Blade: 5 layers of durable wood | Design: 3 colours | Handle: Shake hand design

  • Provides good control
  • Consistently in top 5 Amazon best sellers
  • Great value
  • Small handle with some build quality issues
  • New colour handle dye can smudge

What we like:

The Killerspin JET200 ping pong paddle has been consistently rated as one of the best ping pong paddles for beginners over the last 5 years. It has recently had a design update, making it available in 3 colours. But the performance hasn’t faltered. 

The JET200 provides a balance of performance with an entry level price tag. What we like about the Killerspin JET200 is that it plays extremely well when compared with cheaper Walmart paddles.

It provides the player with enough control to keep themselves in the rally against spin and power players. The coloured rubber provides more cushion for defence, while the black rubber is stiffer, making it a handy attacking weapon. 

The paddle also produces a little spin, which is great for beginners who are still working on technique and mastering the various strokes.

Who’s it for:

Office players that are wanting a shot at the title.

Sportout Sriver-He

All rounder

Our Rating: 7.5

Speed: 90 | Spin: 90 | Control: 80 | Weight: 7.4 oz | Blade: 9-ply wood and 8-ply carbon | Rubber: ITTF approved | Handle: Shake hand design | Sponge: 2mm | Case: Included

  • Provides good control
  • Well balanced paddle (weight vs stability)
  • Non slip, sweat absorbing handle
  • Small handle with some build quality issues
  • New colour handle dye can smudge

What we like:

Only introduced in 2019, the Sportout Sriver-He paddle has impressed in a short space of time! It uses a unique hybrid wood blade (9 ply ayous wood + 8 ply carbon) which provides a solid base to cater for both power attacking and defending.

The Sriver-He rubber is also impressive with a 2mm sponge, providing decent bounce and great driving capability. When taking it for a practice, we were impressed with the amount of power it can generate for flat hitting. But it’s also the best in the category for playing attacking loop topspin shots. 

The paddle itself feels comfortable in the hand. It’s well designed with an ergonomic flared handle and has a little more weight compared with a few others that helps provide more stability.

Customer feedback around the build quality – particularly the rubbers peeling – prevented the Sportout from becoming our number one pick. Although they appear to have a good customer service team so definitely worth a look.

Who it’s for:

Players that want a fine balance between aggression and control.

Speed: 88 | Spin: 90 | Control: 86 | Weight: 6.5 oz | Blade: 7 ply wood blade | Rubbers: ITTF approved | Sponge: 2mm | Handle: Shake hand design | Case: Included

  • Great for improving attacking play
  • Quality build and design
  • Value for money
  • Control is sacrificed for attacking play
  • Doesn’t generate as much spin as others

What we like:

Looking for something with a little more zip? The Thunderline 6 Star premium ping pong paddle might be for you. It’s a perfect choice for beginners that would like to improve their attacking game.

The construction of the paddle has high quality feel to it and the rubbers appear to be fixed strongly to the blade. So you should be able to get some good use out of this paddle.

The blade is made up of 7 ply wood and has a stiff feel that really gears the paddle towards attacking power strokes. While the ITTF approved rubbers and 2mm sponge provide a solid foundation for beginner paddle.

The Thunderline provides some impressive stroke ability. It can often be reviewed against the STIGA Pro Carbon, which is our recommendation for the best intermediate all round paddle. So that might tell you something about its qualities.

You can generate some serious speed with the Thunderline and improve your top spin attacking game – both on the backhand and forehand. The ability to defend using chop or block off-spin strokes is little less than described and you might find the STIGA Titan has the slight edge for this.

Who it’s for:

The player who lives in the fast lane and asks for forgiveness later.

Speed: 80 | Spin: 77 | Control: 82 | Weight: 5.6 oz | Blade: 5 ply extra light balsa wood | Rubbers: ITTF approved | Sponge: 2mm | Handle: Shake hand design

  • Provides good control
  • Great stroke play for beginner learning
  • Light paddle
  • Doesn’t generate much power
  • Unlikely to last more than 12 months with regular use

What we like:

The STIGA Titan is an excellent choice for your first ping pong paddle. It has great all-round attributes which will help beginners learn how to master spin and control.  

The STIGA Titan’s biggest strength is the degree of control is provides. It’s really easy to return spin and power strokes and guide them with precision. This is really important for someone learning to play, as it helps keep them in the rally longer. 

The paddle can be useful in practicing spin strokes, especially back and side spin shots. You can get some good practice playing backspin chops, as it tends to feel smooth and generate enough spin. Unfortunately it’s not that effective for top spin or serving with a lot of spin.  

Being one the lightest paddles on the market – weighing in at only 5.6 ounces – it helps players stay playing a lot longer or experiencing any wrist injuries due to the weight.  

With its ITTF approved rubbers, the paddle is approved for tournament use. So, you’ll easily feel the difference compared with the paddles you’ll find at your local game room!

Who it’s for:

Up-and-coming champs that want to build their foundations with good control and defence.

Palio Expert 3


Our Rating: 7.0

Speed: 60 | Spin: 90 | Control: 100 | Weight: 9.1 oz | Rubbers: ITTF approved | Sponge: 2mm | Handle: Shake hand design | Case: Included

  • Generates lots of spin
  • Great control
  • Improved version of the popular Palio series
  • Build quality has been criticised
  • Heavy paddle

What we like:

For those that want to learn to play off the back foot consider the Palio Expert 3. This is version 3 of the popular Palio Expert series and was released in 2019.

The Expert 3 comes with a few improvements including wider edge tape, to help keep the rubbers secure, and a redesigned handle to provide more control. It also comes with an improved case which is a nice touch and saves you buying one.

What you’ll immediately notice with this paddle is the rubbers on both sides are very tacky. This is what triggers a ball to spin and the Palio 3 can generate a lot of spin with little effort. It’s useful for practising backspin chops, and defensive push and block strokes.  

The Palio Expert 3 is a defensive paddle so you will not generate much speed. Some of the more attacking shots can be played but require more effort. Although the paddle does provide great control for beginners. 

Similar to other beginner paddles, the Palio has also received some criticism for the construction quality. At this price point, it is something that you will need to factor in. But with what we have seen, it wouldn’t stop us from buying the Palio 3.

Who it’s for:

New and improving players looking to generate maximum spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ping pong paddle for beginners?

While there are many options of ping paddles available for beginners, we currently recommend the Killerspin JET200 as a great entry level paddle. It provides a great balance of control and comfort, which will help you return more balls and learn various stroke techniques.

There are other great paddles on offer which you can read our reviews on.

What kind of ping pong paddle should i buy?

There are a few basics to consider when buying a ping pong paddle. You need to ensure that it feels comfortable, it suits your playing style and is within your budget. If you’re new to ping pong, you can read our reviews of some of the best ping pong paddles for beginners.

Is there a different between the red and black side of the paddle?

The ITTF rules state that the rubbers on a players paddle should be different in colour. The main reason for this is to help the opponent identify which side of the paddle connects with the ball. This helps them judge the velocity and bounce to be able to return the ball.

You will find many premade paddles and professional players use different rubber types for each side of the paddle. For example, one rubber may be more defensive, while the other will help with an attacking style of play.

What ping pong paddles do professionals use?

All professional table tennis players would customise their own paddles to their liking. This means they would purchase the blade and rubbers separately to allow for maximum customisation.

Some premade paddles, such as the STIGA Raptor, are well made and suited for professional players. You can checkout our reviews of premade paddles for advanced players.

How long does a ping pong paddle rubber last?

This depends on how much you use it and the quality of the rubber. On average with daily use, you’re likely going to need to replace your rubber between 6 and 12 months. However most premade paddles are made to last longer than that.

There are some common signs that your rubber needs replacing:

  1. If you have tacky/spin rubbers and they start to lose their tackiness
  2. If you start noticing your rubber pealing off from the blade.

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